Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Kobe is The Black Mamba

Directors of Desperado and Machete, Robert Rodriguez directa Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant in a short film for Nike called The Black Mamba. It’ll premiere online February 19, according to its Facebook page, and in anticipation there are two trailers online now. Both are pretty awesome looking and feature cameos by Rodriguez regulars Danny Trejo and Bruce Willis.


Here are the first two trailers.

[ via slashfilm ]


mrKaizen said...

ahah love Rodriguez, even when I direct stupid movies.
Looks funny ;)

By the way there is a transformer 3 trailer online:

Not bad, even I know the movie will be the usual boring s*** ^_^

felix ip said...

I love Rodriguez started from Desperado. A very talent and special director.

I've watched that, those are money shotsss. The story of transformer 2 is horrible however i still bought the dvd for the visuals and money shots...

mrKaizen said...

ahah.. yes, I agree. The efx are soooo cool. Dammit!

The rodriguez biography is very interesting and, for me, very inspiring even if I'm an computer artist/coder ;)

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