Wednesday, March 12, 2008

astro links

some Astro-links......
AstroBoy film at wiki

Astroboy Episode Guide
An online guide to the Black and White series.

The Toby Project
A great site with lots of information. They are also running a petition to get Astroboy back on TV, so head over and show your support.

Entropy - Astroboy
This is a great AstroBoy page with heaps of links. Also has a cute Astro comic and the lyrics to both the opening and closing songs.

60's Anime
A nice page with heaps of information and a list of all the episodes.

Another page with various anime information and, of course, an Astro site.

Bab's AstroBoy Page
Nicely done page with an image gallery and trivia.

AstroBoy Episode Guide

AstroBoy wallpaper

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