Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Gotham Knight" Anime


Title: Batman: Gotham Knight (IMDb)
Starring: N/A (Animation)

Released: 8th July 2008 (US)
SRP: $29.98 (2-Disc)

Further Details: Warner Home Video has officially announced 1-disc ($24.98) and 2-disc ($29.98) releases of Batman: Gotham Knight in which six interlocking stories reveal how Bruce Wayne became Batman. The film will be released to coincide with the theatrical release of The Dark Knight, on the 8th July. The full details have yet to be revealed, although we can confirm that the 2-disc release will include an audio commentary, a documentary, featurettes, and a sneak peak at the upcoming Wonder Woman film. A Blu-ray release will also be available for $34.99 with all of the 2-disc features.
BTW, when will we have Region 3 DVD ??

Read more: screenshots + introduction +
Sneak Peek Preview

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