Friday, March 14, 2008

Incredible Hulk Trailer

i don't have much expectation on this one compraed with IRON MAN... right i like robot more. However i like the last shot which is similar to shots of the teaser i am making.

for the coming Superheroes movies, i want to see Batman Begin 2 (Dark Knight) and Iron Man the most.
Official movie website


Anonymous said...

Any FOR GATCHAMAN??????????

WHats the news on that film...


felixip said...

hey Andrew, nothing new, we are still keep working on pre-production... creating the asset.

Anonymous said...

well are the character models finalized????

Man...I am just so amped for that movie...I just watched Appleseed Ex Machina and I thought it was pretty good..

But. I think Imagi has the potential of making Gatchaman much better then Just about any other action cg film out currently...

Well Please Post something soon.. or when you get clearence to post a character shot, or something


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