Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AstroBoy World

AstroBoy world, that's all about Astroboy. The very informative and entertain site is created by Ninjatron, and dedicated to everything AstroBoy, the works of Osamu Tezuka, and other related anime & manga. It covers all facets of the AstroBoy legacy and Tezuka's characters. Expect articles, pictures, artifacts, humor, videos, and more.

The above title images appear randomly, those are very cool, aren't they? Ninjatron will add more eventually. I am so glad to have someone create this site!


Ninjatron said...

Wow, thanks Felix! I appreciate it!


felixip said...

what a great site! it's my pleasure to introduce to my friends! :)

BY the way, like your new heading images with Leon and Astroboy, haha, fun!

Ninjatron said...

Actually, it was that picture with AstroBoy and Leonardo that really inspired me to create AstroBoy World, because I thought there should be one place for anyone to go to get that sort of news. So I really have you to thank.

Of course, I am a huge TMNT fan as well! And I loved the movie!


felixip said...

thanks Ninijatron. AstroBoy movie is looking great! That will be very different from TMNT.

By the ways, i will update you guys on TMNT2 when the time is appropriate.

Splinter's Iroonna said...

I came here to ask if I could use the Leo/Astroboy as my signature at one of the sites I visit-- but I see I must hunt down Ninjatron!

All of them look awesome.

Lencho01 said...

Very cool.

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