Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fruit Skulls by Dimitri Tsykalov


[ via booooooom ]

Inception Infographic

That cool to have this infographic to explain the concept very simple and clear.

Check the user mannual of MV-235A belows: fun!

at last here is the ckear chart of dream holder.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aikra Quick Action Recorder Animation Library

Very cool animation reference, enjoy!

Satoshi Kon 1963-2010

Visionary anime director Satoshi Kon passed away on August 24 of pancreatic cancer.He was only 46. He is one of my favorite anime director... MADHOUSE founder Masao Maruyama will help him to finish Satoshi Kon's fifth film, Dreaming Machine. I put together with all his anime movie english trailers below.

Prefect Blue 1998

Millenium Actress 2004

Tokyo Godfathers 2003

Paranoia Agent 2004

Paprika 2006

Good Morning (part of Ani*Kuri15 15) 2008

Farewell, Satoshi-san, rest in peace...
Satoshi Kon's final message translated by Makiko Itoh.
用生命做動畫的人 - 謝謝你 今敏

EVA Limited Edition Watch

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_JGgzOkYhIb0/S-rc1GiK0HI/AAAAAAAAEyY/ugJkW33S4Dg/s1600/gshock_Evangelion2.jpgWant to get one!! More pictures and order here
Previously: EVA-motor-cycle, EVA-Sneaker, EVA x G-Shock, G-shock Cross Over anime character

Pee And Wash at the same time!

It's really practical design! Urinal, hand sink and mirror at the same time, designed by Yeongwoo. The reason cited is that you’ll save a water flush cycle. When you rinse your hand after the job, the same gray water can be used to cleanse the urinal basin. [ via yanko ]

Billy Bat Ad

Funny Graffiti AD of comic Billy Bat at Urasawa Harajuku Station in Tokyo. The comic had been released for quite long time, when will the HK versions get published? [ via ]

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colorful Monster Head Scupltures

The wooden colorful monsters head sculptures by AJ Fosik.
They are colorful but pretty scary... with muti eyessss.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beautiful Manhole Cover

These manhole covers are so beautiful!!

Artist Remo Camerota who born in England, moved to Japan in pursuit of "anything Japanese that has not been spotted in the west." According to Camerota, who documented the manhole art movement in a new book entitled "Drainspotting," 95 percent of the 1,780 municipalities in the country have created original manhole covers to portray their individualized cultures or trades.

Links: Drainspotting book, Drainspotting blog
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