Monday, August 31, 2009

My Profile Icons

I put the profile icons i did before together... see the close up for each one at my art blog

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gatchaman Taiwan News

Gatchaman is still very popular in Taiwan.

Cute Yatterman

Very Cute Yatterman characters designed by Devil Robots. There are products. source: Tatsunoko official website
When will the Yatterman live action movie DVD release? I want to take a look on that, hear that is good. I want to watch 深田恭子...

Friday, August 28, 2009

MINI Coupe Concept


Celebrating the 50th birthday of the original MINI, the MINI Coupe Concept is a hot little two-seater; it packs a 211 hp. Read more here. It seems match with Audo TT shape, I want to have one......
MINI Crossover Concept
Game Graphic on Mini

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Longest KamenRaiders AD?

There is a really long KamenRider AD at underground walkway near Shinjuku Marunouchi station to promote their latest film “All Riders VS. Great Shocker”, celebrating a decade run of the latest ( Heisei period ) Kamen Rider series. A whopping total 26 different Riders are set to appear in the film.

The most classic one V1, V2 and V3

Black and RX is one of my favorite Rider

I like the dual-tone look that can hold all the characters with ifferent color togather, looks really cool. Thanks for Vong yonghow in his blog halcyonrealms sharing this and you can see all the KamenRiders image at 941::blog
。The making of "All Riders VS. Great Shocker" on youtube
。Official Website
。See the more CM of the movie here

090812 - 『劇場版 假面騎士DECADE All Riders v.s. Great Shocker』上映中,全部26位騎士海報一字排開、威風蓋世 (1/2) by ccsx.
I found any other versions with Riders in color! The movie was released on 08 August already. I don't like the look KamenRider Decade but i heard that the story concept is fun, I may see the movie if i have chance...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

上戸彩、等身大以上アトムに驚愕 『ATOM』アフレコ公開「甥っ子と一緒に観たい」


こ の日、公開されたのは、地上界でのシーン。空中都市・メトロシティを飛び出し、地上界で少女・コーラたちと行動を共にするようになったアトムが、放置され た建築ロボット・ゾグを見つけ、彼に生命を与える。いつもの上戸さんの声とは少し違った、やや少年っぽさを帯びた声がスタジオに響いた。


そ の後、報道陣の取材に応じてくれた上戸さん。今回のアフレコについて「楽しかったです! 力が入りすぎて声が枯れてしまったりもしました。ほとんどが戦い のシーンや何かに耐えるシーンだったので…」とふり返った。原作の「鉄腕アトム」については「リアルタイムで知っているわけでもないし、ストーリーも知ら ないけどなぜか歌は歌えます(笑)。(オファーが来て)すごく嬉しかったです」と笑顔で語った。

最近、髪型を変えたことについて尋ねられると「アトムに合わせました…というのはウソです(笑)」とおどけ、さらに映画について「泣けるお話です! 甥っ子と一緒に観に行きたいです」と自身も完成が待ちきれない様子だった。

Astro Boy Comic Preview

The first issue of the comic book adaptation of the upcoming animated Astro Boy movie will be released this week on August 19th, by IDW.

ritten by Scott Tipton, each issue features the fantastic artistic stylings of E.J. Su!
Get a sneak peek at!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gatchaman Costume!

I can't take this... XD If you can and you like this Gatchaman costume, you can order that at

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Atom Project Wallpaper

There are new wallpaper of Project Atom, Tezuka Production X Toyko Denki University. These are beautiful pictures! I can feel that Atom means a lot to Japan...

Neck Care Tips

Read this and you can exercise your neck XD

Imagi AstroBoy Crew Tee

This is the new Imagi AstroBoy Tee for the crew, someone suggest use my painting for the tee design. It comes out very good, I am very happy about the quality. And such a amazing the scene that the whole crew wearing this today. just so cool!!!

AstroBoy Celebration Party

The AstroBoy is production completed finally, the last few CBB(Could Be Better) shots were sent this week, post production is work in progress. I won't see that until the premiere to keep some surprise for myself when I look at that in theater.
the Crew is very happy today because we have a completion party, people wearing the Crew Tee are having fun, taking photos. When I looked back, we have so much crazy stuffs we had gone through, finance problem, schedule, etc... pretty tough days.

huge Cake!

They are flying in front of big Astroboy Banner

Everyone wear the Tee to take group photo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Made in HK

This new short "my Mom is an alien" is made by the ex-imagi talents who are now working together in a new studio called KeyZ. You can also check another project called Kitty and Kimmy. 100% made in HK!
see Kitty and Kimmy Teaser

Thursday, August 06, 2009

AstroBoy Movie Posters From Different Areas

Japan Version

Hong Kong designed for China Version

France Verion

US versions (below: Teaser Poster)

Korea Version?

China (Enlight) Version, there is really strange that we can't find any imagi logo in the China poster, I can't believe that. That will be mislead people in China that AstroBoy was produced by Enlight... I can't believe it.
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