Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cat Shit One

That's strange but cool, if you look the tone and style, it just look like MGS4, but they are cutes bunnies! This is a trailer of the anime series called Cat Shit One, or as it's known in the US ... Apocalypse Meow. Directed by Kazuya Sasahara (who you might know as the brains behind Bikini Samurai Squad).
Japan's Studio Anima publicized its computer-animated adaptation of Motofumi Kobayashi's Cat Shit One manga at Tokyo International Anime Fair this week. ADV Manga released three volumes of the original Cat Shit One manga under the title Apocalypse Meow in North America. The manga follows three American soldiers — Bota, Perky and Rats — during the Vietnam War . The trio just happen to be cute animals in the Cat Shit One recon group.

The 12-episode anime series of "real and fierce combat by cute and fluffy animal" updates the manga's premise by making the three soldiers part of a modern private military company. In the first episode, the three attempt to rescue hostages, but end up surrounded by guerrillas demanding the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces in the area. (The original manga had an updated manga sequel with a similar premise called Cat Shit One '80.

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Thats not exactly related to above but it reminds me some shows with similar treatment by using a cute character to play with violence... such as Happy Tree Friends.


Anonymous said...

The Vietnam War? No. They are fighting what appears to be Arab Camels in the desert. This looks more like the first Gulf War.

Maurice said...

Can you explain the title. I don't get it. Am I missing something in the translation?

felix ip said...

maybe this Pilot Summary can help understand the title better:
After being seasoned by years of wars in Indochina, Perky and his buddies went on with their own lives, but fate brought them back together to fight new types of conflicts around the globe, from a terrorist attack of Iranian Embassy at Prince's Gate to training and resupplying Mujahideen in Panjshir Valley.

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