Tuesday, March 03, 2009


A set of 2 posters created, Mr. Mao x Astro Boy + Batman by Tommy Li
words from the artist: Tommy Li
It's hard to understand what "Mao" represents in Hong Kong today. Hong Kong is a metropolis where eastern culture mixes with western capitalism. A "Hero" for most youngsters today is a comic book character, not "Mao" or "Communism." Playfulness is everything. This poster is banned from any exhibitions or design-competitions in China. Thus, it is important to expose any international recognition awarded to it in Mainland China because that is the best way to make people aware that Hong Kong still restricts creative freedom.


matthew said...

I learned about Maoism in my history class as well as its results, like the 1989 Tiananmen Square Masacre, a Chinese September 11th. I'm kind of curious as to what happened to Hong Kong when British rule ended in 1997. Did a lot of people leave the city?

felix ip said...

actually there are lots of people left before 1997, but after 1997 lots of people came back. Not easy tell the difference, HK feel like the same on surface but not the same... most of people here dosen't satisfy with the HK government.

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