Monday, March 02, 2009

‘The Legend of Milu Deer’ Chinese CG animated fantasy film

This is the new fantasy CG animated film featuring the national treasure of the Père David’s Deer. The Legend of MiLu Deer: Princess Yoyo (麋鹿傳奇) After the major success of KungFu Panda, China wonder why they can't make their own CG animation for their market. This is another cute animal story again, which i am pretty tried of personally but this is still the first good attempt.

Here’s how the official site describe the plot in a nutshell:

In ancient times, when Milu was deified as dogs, humans and animals lived in harmonious world. The King of Milu Deer and his daughter, Yoyo, with all the deer subjects in the beautiful marsh and mountains lightheartedly. There was a tale that the horn of the king have a magical power, it could make the dream come true. To gain it, the young human prince and the evil Koradji lead the army to catch the King in the mountain. Then, Qingmu, the captain of Haiqi horses, lead the confederates ambuscade in the lake under the mountain. One day, rebellious Yoko eat a nameless grass which transformed her as a beautiful girl. She met the prince Can, and won his heart back. The two young bloods dueled with the Koradji and Qingmu, though there were dangers, they still supported each other. Finally, the evil was defeated by the kind and harmony of nature was protected. In the end, Can transformed as beautiful male deer and get into the embrace of nature with Yoyo and other deers.
The Legend of Milu Deer official website
Source: Twitchfilm

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