Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 opened for public yesterday. I couldn't go because of peak production of Astro Boy... Check these cool photos about Astro boy and Gatchaman.
You can see the Japanese promotional image from Tezuka's booth.

There are some Gatchaman stuffs at Tatsunoko's booth. Can you see the CG image of Joe at the bottom?
Official website of TAF2009


Anonymous said...

Will a director for Gatchaman be announced soon?

Ninjatron said...

The CG Joe looks awesome. Is it the actual 3D model or a digital painted illustration?


Al said...

The Gatchaman poster is super cool! I really like the design and style. Its not too cartoony and the face is close to the original. Is there any chance you can post a large picture of the poster so we can get a better view? I want to save a copy on my computer and use it as a desktop wallpaper.

What can you tell us on the status of the Gatchaman movie? Hopefully, everything is moving along smoothly at Imagi studios.

Ebonyswanne said...

Awesome stand I love the statue of Gatchaman and poise. And Joe's looking good from the glimpse at of the poster. When will we know more about the movie. There's many fan's out there dying to know when its going to become a reality.

tatsunokofan said...

Hi all!

A larger view of the Gatchaman poster can be found in this Japanese Gatchaman fan's blog:


Minazuki said...

I'm happy to know the movie is still in progress. Thank you for showing us the poster of Joe. As a Japanese fan of the show for over 30 years, may I say something about his looks? His birdstyle is sleek and modernized, which is something I liked. As long as you keep the basic colors (in Joe's case, brown and blue) as they were in the original show, great.

But may I ask you to please keep his face as close to the look of the original Joe as possible? The face of Joe in the poster is not Joe. It would be difficult for the old fans of Gatchaman to associate him with the Joe Asakura we have known for decades. To us, there are two major things that makes Joe, well, Joe. One is the voice of the talented Isao Sasaki. And the other would be the rough and rugged looks of Joe in the original show. The possibility of Mr. Sasaki doing the voice of Joe in your movie may be slim, but at least make his face recognizable, please.

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