Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Astro Boy Poster (US version)

Check out the brand-new new one sheet promo still from Summit.
source: Splash Page
Personally, I like the Asia version better, the taste and tone was being captured more correctly. This US is too X-file like and mystery, audience had already seen Astro face, why we need to hide him again?


Ninjatron said...

I like this poster a lot. Having it look so mysterious makes it look like it's more than just another kids' movie. Plus the machinery and blue glow show off that he's a robot, something people who are not familiar with the character might not be aware of.

New trailer is awesome. Thanks for adding a CG version of Tezuka-sensei!


felix ip said...

Tezuka is one of the scientist working with Tenma and Elefun in the movie. :)

matthew said...

I've noticed that all the teaser images for most movies are always dark-looking, whereas the DVD covers for those same films ends up looking much brigher. TMNT is a prime example.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Atom Boy fans,
Does anyone know where to buy the Astro movie posters? I would like to buy the biggest size as possible. Any help welcome. Thanks.

felix ip said...

I find these, hope it helps:



Anonymous said...


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