Sunday, March 08, 2009

EX Gohkin Getter Robo

This is one of the best robot redesign, i was inspired a lot from this designs set, it make the impossible fancy-transform to more believable. The mechanism is so awesome! There is the reprint version.
This is designed by Designed by Taku [ ROBO-SHI ] Sato (佐藤[ ロボ師] 拓). This is design just for Gohkin product, thats not for any show... i would like to see a TV series or movie like this.

More pictures here: EX Gohkin Getter Robo 1, 2, 3 repaint version
Series: Getter Robo
Maker: Art Storm / Fewture Models
More info here
* I serached the intenet to search more cool designs from this great prototype artist, just found out that he passed away on 2006, thats too bad...


ALEX said...

This is really awesome, but the price is ....-_-!

Patrick Awa said...

Cool! I hadn't seen this before. I like 'Getter 2' the most out of this new design series.
I was also so impressed when I found this( for a few years ago. Have you seen this? They somehow came up with the practical solutions to complete that impossible/rubbery transformation in real without putting any additional parts and stuff. 3 jets can actually be 3 different Getters together just like TV show. Crazy(so is price)!

felix ip said...

yes, i saw that before, how amazing that they can make the transformation works. That will be great if we can make a movie like this.

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